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What I Bought In Paris

What I Bought In Paris
Whilst on my Paris trip I didn't buy too much but I thought since I might never come to Paris again why not pick up some cute Paris-themed souvenirs. Everything is from some sort of Parisian gift shop.

What I Bought In Paris
When we were browsing some shops on our first day I noticed these adorable postcards with cute artwork. Most of the postcards at the Paris gift shops had the generic landmark photo so next time I saw them I picked up a few.

What I Bought In Paris
If you followed my Paris journey on Instagram then you probably saw this cute notebook. They were selling these super cute notebooks at the Eiffel Tower gift shop but thankfully I found it for much cheaper at a souvenirs gift shop. The paper on the inside is blank so it would make an adorable travel sketchbook.

While looking for a macaron keychain for my younger sister, I bought myself a keychain too because it looked so cute! The keychain contains a pink heart-shaped macaron, gingham bow, and an Eiffel Tower. Cute!

What I Bought In Paris
On our first day in Paris, I noticed that I forget to bring body wash so when we went to one of the grocery shops I picked up body wash. It looks like it could be body wash for babies, but whatever, it smells nice. 

My mother bought some whitening mouthwash on that same trip. She swears it made her teeth whiter after using it once so she gave me a bottle to try out since I drink lots of coffee. I already finished the bottle and I don't think it made my teeth any whiter.

What I Bought In Paris
Even though it may seem cheesy, I bought a framed Mona Lisa magnet. Never did I ever think I would be one of those to buy travel magnets but I don't know, I was just drawn to it. I'm pretty sure they sell this same magnet at one of the gift shops in the Musee De Louvre but for double the price.

I found that cute Paris pink tray at a gift shop. It's made out of a sturdy material so it's perfect to place a warm drink and snack when I want to have a late-night Netflix binge.

What I Bought In Paris
Outside the Eiffel Tower area, there are a lot of vendors trying to sell you souvenirs. This backpack was one of those souvenirs. I was drawn to the cute pastel print design. There is tons of space and pockets, perfect for traveling!

What I Bought In Paris
Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?

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  1. Great post - looks like you found some adorable mementos to remember your trip! Those postcards are so cute!!
    Jenna ♥
    Follow me back? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Everything is super cute, I'm loving that backpack xoxo



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