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Watching: Adventure Time
Playing: Pocket Camp
Drinking: Maxim White Gold coffee mix
Eating: Lots of bread. lol
Loving: How cold it is in South Korea! Yes, I know. I'm a weirdo who enjoys the cold. lol
Feeling: Still homesick
Listening: EXO - Obsession (Trouble, Groove, and Baby You Are are my favorite songs from EXO's 6th album)
Practicing: Korean. I had my first few classes of Korean this week. The whole class is taught in Korean, I know it sounds strange but I think in theory it just urges the students to improve our Korean faster. However, there have been many confusing moments. haha
Working on: Trying not to get too tired of walking to my school every day. I only live 12 minutes away from the school but I have to go up a hill and then when I finally reach my school. I have to go up another steep hill! I feel like I'm walking up a mountain every day! I've seen some girls with heels walk the same trail and I'm like HOW? I better get some nice toned legs after this!
Quote: You are not too old and no it's not too late. You're here until you're dead. So, you might as well do shit.


  1. Yeah.... walking in Seoul it be like that so many random steep hills which is why I always say take a good pair of shoes there because it's a lot more walking than you think! Good luck with your Korean classes xoxo

    1. Thank you! I brought some nice walking shoes but my legs feel like jelly by the time I get to my class. ㅠ ㅠ ♥

  2. I barely walk in my boots and I was too scared to questioned my friends choice of high heel boots when we were there.
    Not sure if I was feeling envy or what because I'm always a sneakers/boots type of person.

    Currently loving EXO's Obsession too.

    1. I like wearing creepers, flats or boots but I'm glad I bought some good quality sneakers before I came to South Korea! ♥


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