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Dear Diary, #7

Dear Diary
What happened this week
I finally received my Korea Alien Registration Card. I've been waiting for over a month for a response, they were supposed to email me but never did. I finally just went to the office to find out my card had been ready for almost a month. This whole situation had been stressing me out for weeks so for me but I was in and out in less than 30 minutes! I really need my ARC if I plan on leaving and returning to South Korea which I intend on doing next week.

This weekend is my last before going home for two weeks. I plan on shopping for gifts for the family. Besides that, I'll be studying non-stop because I have a lot of Korean to remember. Wish me luck next week!

Current favorites
Watching: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Eating: Strawberry macarons. By the way, did you know that strawberries are the special seasoning flavor in South Korea? Everywhere has strawberry everything! Not complaining though, I love strawberries! lol
Feeling: Stressed but what else is new?
Listening: How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6
Celebrating: Happy Valentine's Day! to all my single ladies who don't need anybody but themselves!
Working on: Filling in all the study guides I have from school. I only have three classes but I have an inch worth of papers and they're just studying guides!

Now playιng: [Melanie Martinez] - [Recess]
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  1. Yum, I love everything strawberry flavoured ♡ Sorry to hear that you're feeling stressed!


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