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Korean Stationery Haul ♥ Mooey In Korea

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
Before I left South Korea for school break I rewarded myself by visiting a few shops. I visited Standard Love Dance, Chuu, MUJI, and a few other shops. Along the way, I picked up a few stationery pieces because I just couldn't help myself! I also posted an ASMR-style video on my Youtube Channel, if that's your thing check out the video here.

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
Standard Love Dance
One of my favorite Korean illustrators is LeeGong, creator of Standard Love Dance. Her shop isn't too far away from where I live so I decided to visit one day after school. I bought two memo pads, a postcard of Cherry Pie, and a pack of OOTD cutting stickers. The whole store is so cute! Next time, I will take pictures of the inside of the store.

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
They gave me so many freebies! On the official Standard Love Dance Instagram, they had a post that said if you sent $10 or more you would receive a free Rabbit Girl photo card. They also gave me a Standard Love Dance card and a matching sticker. Everything is so cute!

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
The Day, Bom
The day I went to Standard Love Dance it wasn't open yet, they open at 2pm. The neighboorhood where the SLD is located it tiny and there's a lot of local shops (mostly restaurants) but I discovered another stationery shop called The Day, Bom. They had so much cute stationery as well! I bought a few postcards and a set of stickers.

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
After following Chuu on Instagram for a long time I was finally able to visit the store! I didn't buy any clothes but I did end up buying this Peko postcard. They had many other designs but this one was my favorite.

I bought a few things from Kakao Friends and received a free sticker because I bought some items from the Kakao Friends X Twice collection (didn't know that was a thing). I got the Ryan sticker!

Collective Korean Stationery Haul
What's your favorite Korean stationery shop?


  1. I always raid the Choo Choo Kitty stores in Korea, next time I go I will probably stock up again and also I love Ryan but have zero Ryan stuff (apart from a keychain my friend bough me) so yeah next time I will treat myself to a little Ryan journal or something xoxo

    1. Ooooh, I forgot about all about Choo Choo Kitty! I didn't know they had stores! I must visit one next time I'm in Korea. I only have the Ryan sticker but yeah I would like to buy some more stuff from Kakao Friends. I only went to buy stuff for my sister and friends and just received the sticker for free. haha ♥


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