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Dear Diary, #13

Dear Diary
What happened this week
This week was very game heavy. First, I gave my Nintendo Switch a kawaii makeover because I wanted it to be cute while I play Animal Crossing. Check out my latest video to see how I decorated my Nintendo Switch.

I also found my older sister a Nintendo Switch. She really wants to play Animal Crossing so she asked me to help her buy a Switch which is really difficult because everyone wants a Switch now! They've been selling out everywhere and when they are in stock they would sell out, I almost got one at Bestbuy but it sold while I was checking out! But, I eventually found her a Switch at Gamestop so we can play Animal Crossing together. As a thank you (and a very late Christmas gift) she gave me a copy of Pokemon Sword! So, when I'm not playing ACNH I will be playing Pokemon. haha

Speaking of, I FINALLY received my copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons! Almost a week after the game was released but better late than never! My town's name is Lavandula and my native fruit is peaches. The theme of my town will be lavender, I want everything to have soft tones of purple with hints of pinks. Now I'm off to go play Animal Crossing non-stop.

Current favorites
Watching: Frozen 2
Playing: Animal Crossing New Horizons!
Drinking: Dalong iced soy milk lattes
Eating: Spring Monster Trail Mix
Loving: Using my phone as a camera. I've been using my iPhone 11 to film all my videos and take pictures and I've been loving how they've come out. What do you all think?
Listening: Just updated my blog playlist with songs I really been loving at the moment. To listen to my playlist scroll to the lower left side of my blog homepage.
Excited for: Upgrade and expand my island on Animal Crossing.
Working on: Adding some more made-to-order items to my shop this weekend. If there is anything you would like to see let me know.
Quote: Right now, if you want to help the world just stay at home.

Now playιng: [Mixtape: On Track] - [Stray Kids]
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