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Dear Diary, #17

Dear Diary
What happened this week
In other news, I posted a new Youtube video on setting up my Animal Crossing Journal (also published a matching blog post). Besides that, nothing exciting to report this week. I took Lucy to the vet the other day and that was one of the first days I left the house in weeks! I also bathe Lucy and my mom gave her a trim, thankfully she didn't turn out like a llama. haha

Current favorites
Watching: A bunch of Animal Crossing Island tours via Youtube because I need ideas on what I should do to my island.
Playing: Animal Crossing
Reading: The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James
Drinking: Iced coffee, my main source of fuel!
Eating: Rainbow Goldfish crackers
Loving: This section of my board. I attached some postcard and prints I've been saving. The other half still needs work though. Would you like to see a blog post on my postcard board when I'm done?
Listening: Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet podcast
Working on: Journaling. I found a bag of old receipts, tags, stickers, and other mementos from when I was in South Korea so I'm going to add them to my journal.

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