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Lovely Things

Wonderful Things Lately
Since the beginning of lockdown, I've been struggling with creating new blog content. This could be because of multiple reasons; the release of Animal Crossing, my messed up sleep schedule, lack of leaving the house, late-night coffee drinks, the return of depressive thoughts. I know I only have myself to blame for most of these things which is why I'm trying to make an effort to fix these bad habits.

One of the posts that I usually make when I'm feeling uninspired are those posts that make me grateful for those small things in life. I've been searching for a name to call these posts but I normally name them something different every time so if anybody has suggestions let me know.

- A drink of ice water first thing in the morning
- Rewatching Avatar The Last Airbender
- The smile of sleeping pup
- Spending time with my sister and my nephew
- New posts from my favorite blogs
- A fresh coat of paint on my nails
- Decorating K-pop idol polaroids (aka polcos)
- Eating some of my old favorite snacks
- Listening to music
- Morning and evening meditation
- Renovating my Animal Crossing island for the third time
- Support small stationery businesses
- A good yoga flow
- Getting lost in a new book
- Discovering old stickers in hidden places around my desk

Wonderful Things Lately
How have you been feeling lately?


  1. What books have you been reading lately? ☺️ Also, there's nothing wrong with getting lost in Animal Crossing - it's been bringing lots of people so much joy, and that's a great thing!

  2. I like the idea of calling these posts your Lovely Things! Or Happy Things. In my bullet journal, I've been trying to include a "good news" section in my weekly spreads. I always try to focus on the cute things in my life and every small silver lining to get me through depressive episodes. Hang in there! Fighting! ✊��

    1. Thank you! I do a similar thing in my journal. I make a list of 3-5 good things it really helps me feel grateful when I'm feeling depressed. ♥


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