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Dear Diary, #25

Dear Diary
Current favorites
Watching: The Last Dance
Playing: Pokemon Cafe Mix. Such a cute game!
Eating: Tofu eggsalad spread on toast topped with avocado, my go-to meal.
Loving: This adorable sticker book I found at Target for $5. It contains a lot of rainbow holographic letter stickers perfect for polcos. I didn't realize the stickers were scratch and sniff until much later but that explains the weird smell. haha
Listening: Clay K Slider
Excited for: The Animal Crossing update next week! I can't wait to do backflips off the rock! lol
Practicing: Click training Lucy. Lucy is a pretty good dog but she's a barker and barks when she's bored, wants attention, and/or when guests come over. I heard click training can be a good way to train dogs so I invested in a clicker and have been trying to train her this way. Has anybody tried this training method before?
Working on: K-pop journal keychains. I will be showing the ones I made this week over on my second Instagram.
Posts from the week: K- Pop Deco Polaroid Haul | Decorating MORE K-Pop Polaroids
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Dear Diary, #25

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