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Seven Things ♥ Week 13

Seven Things
- I finally got my hands on the Moonology Oracle Cards! Earlier this week I got a pop-up notification from Amazon saying they were on sale for $9 so I snatched them up so quickly! You know I'm obsessed with all things moon-related so these oracle cards are right up my alley! They come with cards for all types of moon phases including New Moons and Full Moons in different astrological signs.

- Woke up to gorgeous cherry blossom trees and petals falling on my Animal Crossing Island. Now only if my island was decorated decently...

- One of the PlayStation Plus games of the month for March was Final Fantasy 7. I found about this literally the last week of March so I'm glad I downloaded it before it was removed. It took almost three days for the game to download (remember back when we didn't have to wait for games to download?) but it finished downloading last night so I'll be spending my weekend playing FF7.

- This was the only April Fools joke I fell for! I guess I really wanted it to be real. haha

- Listening to my favorite band, The Killers, in the car with my younger sister. I still remember all the lyrics to their songs! Before I became obsessed with K-pop I loved listening to alternative rock bands, my favorite being The Killers.

- Lightly buttered Pepperidge Farm French Toast Swirl Bread is AMAZING! 😋

- OMG! This video. I love NCT Johnny and Ten together! It made me miss Chicago. For those who don't know I was born there and lived until I was 8.

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