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The Weekend Guide #22

The Weekend Guide #22
This week started off rocky. Monday was the worst day for me. I had really bad heartburn and painful chest pains. As a result, I've been taking this week easy. I've been eating healthy, getting some much-needed sleep, not exercising, not eating anything past night and not drinking coffee. Last month I went hard on myself and tried to work out every day. even if it was past midnight. Because of this, I would get hungry at around 3-5am, sleep at 6-7am, wake up 3-4pm and the vicious cycle would continue again. My health problems were a wake-up call and a reminder to not overwork myself. This month instead of excessively working out I plan on listening to my body. Exercising and sleeping earlier and having rest days when needed.

The hardest part of this week was not drinking coffee for a week. This actually happened on purpose. After Monday I decided not to have coffee on Tuesday until my body felt better. However, on Wednesday I got my monthly friend and decided to lay off the coffee yet again. Whenever I get my period I don't drink coffee the first few days because I don't want to risk getting awful cramps. However, Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday so I will most likely be drinking one or two by the end of the weekend.

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Hum Raw Beauty (You can get a free trial kit here)
The Kirby Cafe Soundtrack (You can hear some samples here)
Cleaning out my closet (This week I built some shoe shelves but still need storage to organize my purses, any ideas?)
The recent Nintendo Direct (I'm ready for that ACNL update!)

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