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\The Weekend Guide #34

The Weekend Guide
It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm back! Earlier this week I was having these horrible chest pains so after ignoring these pains for the past couple of months I finally went to the doctor. When I got there they took all these x-rays on me but in the end, was told that these chest pains were caused by stress and anxiety. Honestly, I wasn't expecting these results I thought I was dying or something. I'm someone who is constantly stressed so getting the news that my stress is causing me pain doesn't surprise me but it doesn't help me either because what am I suppose to do? Relax? So the doctor prescribed me some medication to help reduce the pain and help me sleep (Some of the chest pains were so bad some nights that they kept me up). So, if any of you have any tips on how to relieve stress please let me know.

As if this week couldn't get any better on Tuesday I got my period and suffered from horrible cramps. Then on Wednesday, I got sick. Honestly, I don't even know how I even got sick! I stayed home every day besides Monday (The day I went to the clinic) and my throat didn't start itching until Wednesday, how? Then, of course, Thanksgiving I ate my feelings away and yesterday I stayed home all day and took advantage of all the Black Friday deals.

Weekend To Do List
Shop some Black Friday deals
Put up and decorate my Christmas tree
Buy craft supplies for 12 Days of DIY
Take blog pictures
Finish Thanksgiving food
Start working out again (I took a break because of the chest pains)
Add a few things to my Depop (Add me Mooeyandfriends if you want to shop my closet)

Obsessed With
Eating pumpkin pie
Gilmore Girls (I still haven't seen the new episodes but I'm almost done with the last season)
Pokemon Moon
Starbucks red cups (I always get iced drinks but I started getting hot drinks just for the cups and now I'm obsessed with getting hot drinks!)

Post To Revisit
Crochet Advent Calendar (If you haven't bought one yet and want to make your own)
Crochet Stocking
Starbucks Red Cup Coin Bank

How was your week? Have you started (or finished) Christmas shopping yet?


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