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Decoden Pins ♥ 12 Days of DIY

DIY Decoden Pins
On the seventh day of 12 Days of DIY, I made for you, decoden pins! This is probably the easiest day that I've posted this year. All you need is three things and a couple of minutes. You can personalize the pins by picking different charms that suit each person. You can whip a couple of these pins in a number of minutes and use them as stocking stuffers. Let's get started!

DIY Decoden Pins
You will need
- Cabochons or cute charms
- Butterfly back pins (I used these)
- Glue (Use a strong glue)

DIY Decoden Pins
These were leftover cabochons that I had from last year's DIY Decoden Phone Case. You can buy various charms from TinyBees, they even have cute Christmas ones! They're my favorite online craft supplies shop because the items arrive fast even though they are located in Hong Kong.

DIY Decoden Pins
Step 1. choose your cabochons. Step 2, quickly apply some glue to the charm. Step 3, put the back of the butterfly pin where the glue is placed and apply pressure. You are done! Wasn't that easy?

DIY Decoden Pins
Do you use pins?


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