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My Top 15 K-pop Songs of Summer 2017

Top 15 K-pop Songs of Summer 2017
Ever since I posted my favorite K-pop songs of 2017 I made a memo to keep up with this series which is why I am posting my favorite K-pop songs from the summer. I wanted to post this earlier, however, I didn't know when the summer releases were going to stop but now that summer is over I think it's safe to post my top 10 favorite summer jams (or 'bops' as the kids are calling it now). I saw the first song with the word autumn in the title the other day. There were so many amazing songs that were released in the three months of summer but I am narrowing it down to my top 10. What was your official summer song of 2017?

1. CHUNG HA - Why Don't You Know (Feat. Nucksal)
I heard this at the beginning of summer so it gives me those early summer vibes. I also heard it played a lot in various Korean variety shows so it stunk in m head for a while. Btw, she is the one on the cover of the Nylon magazine!

2. DAY6 - Hi Hello

3. Red Velvet - Red Flavor
This song was on loop when I was in Orlando. I still don't understand the video but it has fruit and summer = fruit I guess. haha

4. Wanna One - Energetic
One of the most popular K-pop songs of the summer! Wanna One is the boy version of Producer 101, a music competition show where they put trainees from various Korean entertainment companies up against each other to be in an 11 member group and promote for a couple of months. Last year they did the girl version of this and it became so popular that they decided to make a boy version. Wanna One is this year's group. I'm so amazed by the concept of the show and how popular a group can get in a few months.

5. Crush - Outside (Feat. Beenzino)

6. HOTSHOT - Jelly

7. JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today

8. Girls' Generation - All Night
Last year SNSD made a summer comeback with PARTY and now they're back it again with another summer comeback! Out of the two songs that they promoted All Night was my favorite but Holiday is more of a summery song.

9. WINNER - Island
Ever since Nam Taehyun left WINNER there whole sound has changed to more of an energic upbeat sound and I didn't like at first but with time I came to accept this new WINNER. Even though I do prefer their old songs Love Me Love Me and Island were excellent songs.

10. Weki Meki - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

11. Moon Hyuna, EU Erine - Doong Doong

12. SUNMI- Gashina
One of my favorite songs of the summer!

13. B.A.P. - Honeymoon

14. HYUNA - Bebe

15. ODD EYE CIRCLE (LOONA) - Girl Front
This song was just released last week but it's such a summer song I had to include it. LOONA is so underrated but I guess it's because they haven't even officially debuted yet. I definitely think they are the next biggest Korean girl group!

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