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Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush
If you watch Over The Garden Wall then you are familiar with the rock that Greg carries. I don't remember what he called his rock, guess I will have to rewatch the show! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to crochet the rock that Greg carries throughout the show. It's a pretty easy pattern and should take you under an hour to make.

Over The Garden Wall is a cartoon about these two boys who get lost in the woods and are trying to find their way back. It's the perfect Halloween show so if you are wondering what to watch this weekend I highly recommend this show. It's available on Hulu.

Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush
- H/5.00 mm size crochet hook
- Grey worsted yarn
- Polyfill stuffing
- Black felt
- White felt
- Red felt
- Yellow felt
- No-sew glue
- Darning needle
- Scissors

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease crochet

Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush
- Make a magic circle, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in each st. Total = 12 sts
- 2 sc in each st. Total = 24 sts
- Sc 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
-2 sc in each st. Total = 36 sts
- Sc 36 sts (x3). Total 36 sts
- Dec, sc 1 (x12). Total = 24 sts
Stuff lightly
- Dec, sc 1 (x12). Total = 12 sts
- Dec, sc 1 (x6). Total = 6 sts
Cut off, sew closed and weave in ends.

Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush
Cut out the rock's face shapes with the various felt sheets. Two white circles, two dark blue pupils, a yellow smile, black mouth and a red tongue. Glue everything together and glue the felt pieces on top of the rock and lightly press to secure.

Now you have your own pet rock! Name it whatever you want and go make rock facts!

Over The Garden Wall Rock Plush
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  1. Ahhh this is so cute! I've heard about Over the Garden Wall once before, I really want to give it a watch because the characters look so cute, I'd love to try crocheting my own characters :D your blog is SO adorable! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. You should really watch Over the Garden Wall it's spooky cute! Thank you that means a lot to me coming from you! I love your blog! :D ♥


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