Coffee Chat #13

coffee chat
#1 This week the kids around my area were out on Spring Break which made my workdays just FUN! I'm constantly being reminded why I don't want children. I'll be fine with just dogs for the rest of my life.

#2 That plush cow you see in the photo, I finished it last weekend! It's been sitting in pieces on my desk for years. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted but I'm happy I completed it. I really like the texture I used to make it appear fluffy.

#3 JYP finally added their artist's songs onto Spotify! Now I can add GOT7, DAY6, TWICE, etc. songs into my playlist! By the way, I updated my blog playlist so give it a listen if you want to listen to some good Kpop music.

#4 I tried Maca powder in my matcha latte for the first time this week. Not a fan. It has a fruity smell but tastes strange. Let me just say it smells better then it tastes. I'll give it another shot and try to add it to other recipes because I don't want to waste the bag of maca I bought.

#5 I just found out that they have some Korean variety shows on Netflix. I knew the had a few Korean dramas on Netflix but not variety shows! This weekend I'm going to start Hyori's Bed and Breakfast because IU is on the show and I just adore IU.

#6 My parents and younger sister went off to the beach earlier today for the weekend. I would've gone with them but they didn't book a pet-friendly hotel so I'm staying home with Lucy. I love my alone time but whenever my family goes away on a trip I like to take an advantage to get out of the house and get inspired. Even if I hate the beach I would've gone but at least now I have time to do whatever I want.

#7 Today is our 4th anniversary with Lucy! Did you read yesterdays post yet? I talk about Lucy's quirks. I will be sharing some photos of Lucy on my Instagram story today. If you want to see cute puppy picture go check out my Instagram.

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  1. I feel you on not wanting children! It's currently school holidays where I live, and since I work at a fast food place we're constantly filled with children, and each day I get happier and happier that I am never going to have any and won't have to put up with them! 😂

    I absolutely ADORE that little cow! Seriously, that is the cutest thing I've ever laid my eyes on 😭 you are so talented!

    1. I have a sister who is 7 years younger then me so I feel like I help raise her. haha

      Thank you! ♥

  2. I'm such an introvert so i'd be jumping with joy at the thought of having the house to myself haha. Such a sweet post <3


    1. Same! I love having my alone time! Thanks ♥