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10 Things I Love About Halloween ♥ Blogtober

10 Things I Love About Halloween
Happy Halloween! I normally save the last days of Blogtober for some sort of Halloween Q+A or something along those lines. This year I wanted to do something different which is why I'm sharing 10 things that I love about Halloween.

The Scariest Time of the Year
If you know me, then you know how much I love that spooky feeling that Halloween brings. I have always had this strange attraction towards creepy/scary stories told around Halloween time but now thanks to podcasts I can listen to these types of stories all year long. If you are feeling in a spooky mood I recommend the Two Girls One Ghost and Guide to the Unkown podcasts.

Halloween Packaging
I'm really drawn to the colors and spooky designs of Halloween packaging. There are a lot of companies that will change the design special Halloween packaging of their products to sell to consumers for Halloween and I'm one of those suckers who will pay $1 more or the same product but in special Halloween packaging. haha

Probably one of the best parts of Halloween, CANDY! Getting home and organizing your candy into piles and trading was one of my favorite parts of Halloween. By the way, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

Not sure which is better candy or dressing up for Halloween. I feel really bad for those of you who didn't grow up celebrating Halloween because choosing your costumes and dressing up as a kid was one of the best parts of Halloween! What's your favorite Halloween costume you dressed up as?

Halloween Specials
I don't about you but I've always loved the Halloween movies and specials they showed on television around Halloween time. I remember especially looking forward to the Halloween specials on Disney Channel, I think the Halloweentown movies were the best!

Dressing up, collecting candy, walking at night in the cold, hanging out with your friends, all of these things make Halloween trick-or-treating so much enjoyable! In fact, I loved trick-or-treating so much that I continued it up until I was in high school! I mean who doesn't want free candy?

Scary Decorations
There is something so fun about seeing homes decorated with a bunch of spooky decorations like skeletons all over the yard and/or sheet ghosts from trees.

Pumpkin Everything
If you are a fellow pumpkin lover then I don't have to explain the anticipation for pumpkin-flavored and scented everything! In the past, I've purchases pumpkin-flavored cereal, coffee, coffee creamer, Larabars, trail mix, candles, and of course, the amazingly delicious PSL.

Every holiday brings those nostalgic childhood memories, Halloween is no different. But I don't know about you, Halloween memories are extra special (second to Christmas memories) because it's my favorite holiday.

Fall weather is one of the many reasons why I adore Halloween. That crispy chilly weather and the rainbow-colored trees.

Start of the Holiday Season
I think we can all agree that Halloween is the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season. After Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and then finally Christmas.

10 Things I Love About Halloween
Are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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