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31 Lovely Things ♥ March 2019

1 Drinking coffee and listening to podcasts aka the perfect way to start off (or end) a day.
2 Mediated
3 Watched The Umbrella Academy and loved it! Can't wait for season 2!
4 Packed an Etsy order.
5 Started my fourth book of the year.
6 Reading some of my favorite blogs.
7 Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee to make you happy.
8 Bought a new nail varnish.
 9 Decorated in my Hobonichi and listened to some tunes.
10 Received some sakura stickers.
11 Listened to Epik High's new album!
12 Started practicing my splits again.
13 Shared a post on my favorite new skincare brand!
14 When people sure their versions of your crochet patterns :)
15 Binged watch Romance is a Bonus Book. I love this drama!
16 Received my Patreon happy mail from Vicki.
18 Went to sleep before 3 am!
19 Posted this post which was fun to answer.
20 Got hooked on the Ologies podcast.
21 Played some Nintendo Switch game demos. I need to buy more games!
22 Lucy's first time climbing the stairs on her own! Ever since getting wooden floors she's been avoiding the stairs because she slips on the wood floor so I've been slowing teaching her.
23 Started my 3rd book of March! Would you like to see a post on what I've read so far?
24 Shared some pages from my crochet notebook on my Patreon.
25 Refreshed my bulletin board just in time for Spring!
26 Taught Lucy how to climb the stairs! She now can exciting run up and down the stairs on her own! #proudmom
27 Posted the pattern to the Red Velvet fan stick. Click here to see the pattern (PATREON ONLY).
28 Learning that saying 'I Love Myself' is enough.
30 Went to Mod Pizza for this first time and really enjoyed it.
31 Completed a week of morning workouts! Well, 5 days to be exact but you get what I mean.


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