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Reading: Gone Girl by Gillan Flynn (still)
Planning: Spending time to catch up on my Hobonichi.
Watching: If you haven't watched Unicorn Store yet, go watch it! It's amazing!
Eating: Fruit
Drinking: Water
Loving: The new Starbucks Japan collection! So cute!
Feeling: Stressed
Listening: Oohyo - Far from the Madding City
Excited For: BTS on SNL!
Practicing: Patience
Working on: Editing blog posts because my memory card decided to randomly delete a bunch of photos which is why I didn't post anything this week. Sorry!

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  1. I LOVED Gone Girl! I was so addicted to it, I finished it in two days 😂

  2. Ooh I haven't heard of unicorn store before, but I'm quite curious! And gosh I can't believe your memory card did that... Although this now reminds me to back up my stuff which I haven't done in a long time, oops!

    1. Yes! I think you'll love it! It's on Netflix. ♥


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