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Dear Diary, #12

Dear Diary
What happened this week
Happy Animal Crossing Day! If you got the game today I hope you're enjoying playing it! If you preordered it (like me) then hang in there! My preorder shipped Wednesday morning hopefully it will arrive soon. Until then, I will be watching people stream the game online. haha

If you haven't seen my Animal Crossing New Horizons posts from this week go check out my journal spread here and item bag crochet pattern here. I wanted to post another Youtube video this week but one of the items I was going to use didn't arrive in time so I will have to wait until next week to post that video.

Current favorites
Watching: Disney movie marathon!
Drinking: Vegan collagen smoothies. Sounds gross but it's basically fruit smoothies with vegan collagen smoothies. I've been trying
Loving: That Stitches doll I finally finished making! I started making him back in 2016 and stopped at his head because I got lazy. Because of New Horizons coming out I decided to finish him and I'm so happy how he came out! I love him! Don't ask for a pattern because I didn't write anything down.
Listening: After Hours - The Weeknd
Excited for: My Animal Crossing game to arrive! It's scheduled to arrive next Thursday but I'm REALLY hoping the date gets bumped up!
Quote: You don't have to be happy all the time but you deserve to be happy sometimes.

Now playιng: [Howling] - [VICTON]
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What are you doing during self-quarantine?


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